After ordering your package, you will receive 2 routers from us. One to act as a VPN server at your home, and one to act as a VPN client that travels with you. Then you’ll book an appointment with our team, and we will conduct the full setup via a remote desktop session.

Your VPN server is hosted at home and will always be powered on and connected with the Ethernet cable to your home ISP router. Your home Internet connection’s upload speed will really matter here and we advise at least 30Mbps. This is very important because your VPN download speed will be limited by your home connection upload speed.
Hence, your VPN infrastructure is fully owned and controlled by you.

No matter what part of the world you are located in, whenever you connect your VPN client router to the Internet, it will automatically contact your server at home and establish a VPN tunnel. While you are connected to the client router (via Wi-Fi / LAN cable), all your Internet traffic will be routed through this tunnel, to the server at home. And from there, it will continue its journey to the desired Internet destination.

The reverse traffic travels similarly, from the Internet application or a website to your home VPN server and only then back to you.

This way, you do not need any application or software to be installed on your device to run a VPN. Our system supports and pushes all the traffic through the virtual tunnel, including other VPN connections you may run on your device on top of it.

This means that wherever you are – you will keep your IP address the same.

Safe & secure no matter where you are

Secure and encrypted browsing on public hotspots and untrusted networks worldwide. KeepyourhomeIP ensures your online privacy is protected with strong encryption and
Ad-blocker functionality.

Access your home network & smart devices anytime

Encrypted VPN tunnel enables you to connect with all your devices as if you were at home. To make sure all your data is protected we use wireguard, the #1 VPN protocol in the world.

Bypass geolocation restrictions

Watch domestic content from any location, no matter the streaming restrictions. If you purchased a video-on-demand subscription, KeepyourhomeIP will make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite episodes.