Our mission

We aspire to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realise their full potential, by making your Internet security better than it is today. With protecting your online privacy and preventing anyone from tracking your browsing activity.

KeepYourHomeIP will secure you from online threats, geolocation restriction, and surveillance.


How it started

In 2020, as two Network Engineers and friends, we came together to build KeepYouHomeIP. During the pandemic, we have spent a lot of time working from different parts of the world. Pretty much the only positive from this pandemic, at least for us. After sharing work trips with friends, whose employers did not have very clear remote work policies, we decided to help them by providing them with solutions for setting up their own VPN environment. This sparked the idea to provide this service globally, hence the creation of KeepYourHomeIP.

KeepYourHomeIP offers one-time cost packages and Internet security that’s easily accessible to everyone.

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