Do you know what "ENERGY TOURISM" is? Run away from winter and pay for heating in warmer regions.

Do you know what "ENERGY TOURISM" is? Run away from winter and pay for heating in warmer regions.

In this article, we will also tell you how to get around content blockades.

Europe is facing a difficult and uncertain winter, but it will not be equally cold in all countries. The southern countries, which are open to the sea, have a more favorable climate, so this season they are counting on new guests - residents from European countries whose gas and electricity bills have skyrocketed in recent months. In other words, high heating prices this year could affect the development of a completely new travel segment in Europe, i.e., the phenomenon of energy tourism.

A new category of travelers are residents of EU countries who find it more worthwhile to spend the winter abroad than to pay high heating bills in their apartments and houses. Offers for them are prepared by hoteliers in Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro, and the guests they would like to attract are pensioners and families from North Europe countries to avoid the cold, because they don't need to spend much on heating at the seaside.

Energy tourists are a category that initially appeared in Great Britain where officials appealed to their citizens to spend the winter abroad, so that their living costs would be lower and to suppress energy consumption in their country. The trend is spreading to Germany, France, and other countries of Western Europe. 

The jump in energy prices will bring an increase in the number of tourists from Northern Europe to warmer destinations, and travel agencies in European countries are also trying to develop that business. The company Travel Time World launched a marketing campaign emphasizing that the low daily prices for an extended vacation is cheaper than heating.

However, by spending a longer time abroad, you will be missing out on your favorite streaming and TV services and unfortunately, many streaming services are geographically restricted. They allow viewing only to residents inside of the country of residence. This means for example, that Dutch citizens who are traveling abroad, or Dutch expats who are living abroad, may not have access to their favorite shows and movies. Plus, Netflix and other international streaming services vary their content according to the location of their viewers.

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