Working holiday in Slovenia

Working holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is Europe's hidden green gem. A small country is located between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. I don't know if there is any other country in the world that offers seaside, Alps, Pannonian lowlands, karst landscape and vineyard hillside, river canyons all just a few hours apart.
I chose to stay in Ljubljana, Slovenian capital city, which is located somewhat at the center of Slovenia. Ljubljana truly is a lovely city and offers great starting point to all other parts of the country. June for me was the perfect timing as beginning of the summer offers a lot of time to spend (and work😊) outdoors.
In the summer Ljubljana is filled with tourists as it is becoming rapidly popular over the past years.

The city center is closed for traffic and offers great possibilities to explore the town by foot. Summer walks and a glass of good wine alongside river Ljubljana cannot get more romantic. You can find loads of great restaurants and stylish caffes.

City’s main attraction is Ljubljana Castle overlooking the capital, with two gourmand restaurants and a caffe to pamper your taste buds. The views are fantastic and alongside the castle, you can cool down in a beautiful green park with tall trees giving the best summer shadow. You can get to the castle by foot, car, there is also a city’s panoramic train and even a funicular to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery.

A must see is Ljubljana’s Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) event which takes place every Friday from May to September on city’s main market. There you can find different city restaurants taking a twist on their regular menu and making their normal offer in popular casual “street food” format.

On the northwest side of Slovenia lies one of the most picturesque lakes I have ever seen – Bled Lake. Lake is surrounded by mountains and has a little island in the center. A small caste on the hill is overlooking the whole area and offers amazing views. I took off one morning to Bled which is only a half an hour away from Ljubljana by car. As my stay in Slovenia was a workation I chose a nice bar by the lake to get the work done. Sitting by the computer and having the opportunity to work by such amazing views and clean fresh air really is priceless. KeepYourHomeIP solution gives me freedom to visit such places, with no sacrifices. The connections was smooth throughout my stay in Slovenia. While in Bled you must try their famous “kremšnita”, a delicious cream cake with generous filling. After work I took a beautiful walk around the lake and had a refreshing swim. If you are a golf lover, you can play golf in the oldest club in Slovenia GK Bled.
Postojna Cave Park

One of the world-famous attractions is Postojna Cave Park, magical corner of the Karst world, hidden between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea only 49 km away from Ljubljana. It is no exaggeration to say Postojna Cave Park is a natural masterpiece.

I was in awe to see what nature can create over millions of years… A mysterious underground kingdom with endless creations of stalagmites (grow from ground) and stalactites (grow from top). It is also only cave in the world with double-track cave railway. I felt like a real-life Indiana Jones exploring new world😊 The temperature inside the cave in 10°C all year round so be sure to wear some warm clothes. Reminder: stalagmites (grow from the ground) and stalactites (grow from the top) – I know you always forget which is which😊 In a decade, stalagmites and stalactites grow a mere millimeter. The highest ones – the giants – can reach the height of more than 16 meters.
As I mentioned, everything is nearby in Slovenia… So when I decided to head to seaside, this was a one day trip and needed no special preparations from my starting point - Ljubljana. Slovenian coastline is quite small - 46,6 kilometers, but again offers everything for everyone. If you want busy hype and some nightlife, Portoroz will be your destination. If you are a romantic who loves small Mediterranean towns, visit Piran (one of my favorites actually). And if you want beautiful raw nature, Isola cliffs and turquoise water will calm you down and get you zen.  I’m a true sea lover, so I repeated this one day workaways to seaside a couple of times while staying in Slovenia.

I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to have the freedom to explore the world, while managing to do all my work and have digital access to everything as if I were home. KeepYourHomeIP is the best solution – stable and secure (and pretty😊), as if I’m working from my home network while enjoying breath-taking views and being able to explore new places. Slovenia was a great choice, and I am sure I will be back again to enjoy beautiful nature. I can confirm that Slovenia is filled with amazing top notch restaurants with still somewhat reasonable prices. It offers so many thins to see and discover. Although it is a small country I will still have plenty to explore on my next workation here.